Bread and circuses - turning your passion into a career

Bread and circuses - turning your passion into a career

Most of us fantasize about turning our pastimes into full-time gigs, but actually making the leap is not easy. It takes research, planning and old-fashioned hard work.

The trick is finding that sweet spot where what you love, and what other people want, intersect.

Marina Georgescu has made that leap. She’s turned her passion – for the circus – into a way of making a living.

“For more than 20 years my passion has been circus skills," she says. "I was at university and I saw a poster advertising juggling courses and I was like, ‘why not?’ I went and tried it out and learned that day how to keep three balls up and then I just kept wanting more and more.”

Back in her home country, Venezuela, in the 1990s there was no Google. She had to learn through constant practice or through meeting other circus-crazy travellers.

“It was really hard to find information and you had to wait for some Latin American traveller who’d been to Europe and knew how to juggle and would teach you a new technique.”

“When I finished university I left and came to Europe and went to Spain, France, England and Belgium looking for different workshops and information and classes in circus in order to learn. But I also used to go back and teach people in Venezuela because there was no circus school and I knew people wanted to learn. So, I organised workshops and invited people I met here in Europe over to Venezuela to help the circus movement grow a little bit.”

But it was not easy. “Circus is hard. It's a lot of work and practice. But when you start juggling well and doing the ariel acrobatics successfully it’s all really worth it.”

How did you turn this passion into a career?

“I was working in the media. I was working in big radio station and I had a communications job and everything and it was nice to work in radio. I worked on television and production but I just loved circus. In Venezuela, the situation is so hard that I started a school for transforming communities. Helping children with self-esteem, that kind of thing. I'm an artist and I like to get applause but also you could do some real work with people who needed it. It was so great to go to communities and work with the kids and have an impact.”

Now Marina runs several circus classes in and around Skellefteå and is a fully-fledged social entrepreneur.

And on Wednesday February 15, Marina, who works out of Krenova at The Great Northern, will be in the plaza trying to inspire others to follow what they love.

So, what’s the key to making a passion work as a career?

“Hard work and loving what you do. Loving what you do will take you part of the way but hard work is always really important.”