"I like the Swedish approach because you can be successful on your own"

TGN People #1 – Beylem Cindoglu, Gold Town Games

Who are you?

I’m Beylem and I’m Turkish but I studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Before that I studied mechanical engineering at Bilkent University in Turkey.

When I was in Stockholm I fell in love with Sweden and decided I wanted to stay. It’s a little colder than Turkey perhaps but I love the culture.

What do you do?

I started work as a junior service designer at Gold Town Games three weeks ago.

Although maybe my job’s subtitle should be “user experience designer”, as I think all companies need that at some point. Apple are the kings of user experience design.

It helps the company and the coders to know what the users are thinking and the result is a better product or service.

What’s the main difference between Sweden and Turkey?

Turkish people are much more interested in what their friends and neighbours are doing. In Sweden people are much more reserved and self-contained. I like the Swedish approach because you can be successful on your own. And I don’t really like talking about my neighbours!

The Great Northern - first impressions?

I really like it. It's so nice that there is such a facility up north with so many creative people. I think it should act as an inspiration to other smaller cities and that more places like The Great Northern should be built. You don’t have to go to Stockholm to be creative – you can be creative in your town.