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Great Northern

Welcome to north of Sweden’s innovation house! A collaborative community with a mix of co-working spaces, event arenas, incubators, startups and established business.

Skellefteå's innovation house


The Great Northern is an innovation house in the north of Sweden. A collaborative community that strives to find new ways to make a difference and to help each other develop. Neither are we an office hotel and nor a co-working space - even if this is a part of our concept.

This is a melting pot for over 150 talented members, brave entrepreneurs, successful start-ups, innovation supporters, incubators and established companies - a creative business mix of game developers, digital industries, design, media and communication to build the companies of tomorrow.

We are built on the idea that together we can work as a game changer for the business development in the north of Sweden. We want to make it possible for you and your business to succeed both locally, nationally and internationally. 

To build a world-class company or product, you will need the input and advice from a wide array of brilliant, inspiring and creative collaborators - which is exactly what you will find in the community of The Great Northern!

From traditional industries to innovative startups


Skellefteå was a city known for it’s traditional heavy industries, in mining and timber. Now, thanks to The Great Northern, this is a city that’s taking steps to become a global innovative town. This is how:


Around 2010, a few entrepreneurs decided to help Skellefteå to move forward, they saw that this was a city in need of help to kickstart more startups. The municipality supported the vision of these entrepreneurs to broaden Skellefteå’s business base.


A building in the heart of Skellefteå that had previously housed teenage discos and counselling facilities, was rebuilt to become the melting pot for high-tech, innovative entrepreneurs in Skellefteå.


And this is how The Great Northern – whose name was inspired by the 1990s cult TV show Twin Peaks, after the geography of Skellefteå was once compared by a visitor to the fictional town – was born.

Since the opening in January 2017, The Great Northern and our members has become a great part of the new innovative tradition in Skellefteå.


Come and visit us at Storgatan 53 in Skellefteå, we're happy to introduce you to a potential collaborator, help you to plan an event or to give you a tour around our house!

Pernilla Lindmark

TGN Communications and Service Manager


COO / TGN-Manager